Pokemon GO Mega Stardust Surprise Release Date, Time & Bonuses

In our Pokemon GO Mega Stardust Surprise Release Date, Time & Bonuses guide, we’ll cover all the important details of the event. We are going to show you when it’s going to begin and end, as well as what the main focus will be. And, of course, we’ll show you what rewards and bonuses you can look forward to. There’s a lot to sink our teeth into, so let’s begin!

pokemon go mega stardust surprise release date time & bonuses
Pokemon GO Mega Stardust Surprise Release Date, Time & Bonuses

Pokemon GO Mega Stardust Surprise Event Release Date & Time

The release date and time of the Pokemon GO Mega Stardust Surprise event are Sunday, May 29th at 12 AM local server time. The happening will wrap up on the same date, at 11:59 PM local server time. So, that’s a whole day of Mega-Evolved mayhem for you to enjoy. During the event, you will be able to bring in Mega-Evolved Pokemon into the GO Battle League’s Master League. Just keep in mind that you will have to Mega Evolve your Pokemon before you bring them into battle. Incidentally, the Great League and Ultra League will also be running during Mega Stardust Surprise. With all of that said, what can you get from this event, aside from the joy of making Mega-Evolved monsters duke it out?

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Pokemon GO Mega Stardust Surprise Bonuses & Rewards

The bonuses and rewards you can get from the Pokemon GO Mega Stardust Surprise event are not numerous, but they are certainly enticing. For one, the maximum number of sets you can play per day will be raised to 20, for a potential 100 battles total. You will also get four times the Stardust from win rewards; in other words, you can conceivably farm up a huge amount of this resource. Last, but definitely not least, is the cosmetic reward. If you complete a set at any rank during the event, you’ll receive the Gladion’s Pants avatar item. However, if you’ve already unlocked the pants from the rank 20 rewards, you won’t get another pair, according to the event announcement. Or any other extra reward. It’s a bit of a bummer, but what can you do?

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