Nintendo eShop Server Maintenance, Can't Use Credit Card

In our Nintendo eShop Server Maintenance, Can’t Use Credit Card guide, we’ll explain why you’re getting the credit card error on the Nintendo eShop. Long story short, it’s probably just due to maintenance. However, that’s not the only potential reason. That’s why we’ll show you when the server maintenance will take place and what you can try if you do end up encountering an error that’s not server-related.

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nintendo eshop server maintenance cant use credit card
Nintendo eShop Server Maintenance, Can’t Use Credit Card

Can’t Use Credit Card Error, Nintendo eShop Server Maintenance

If you’re getting an error where you can’t use your credit card at the Nintendo eShop, that’s likely because there’s server maintenance going on. According to the official Nintendo Network Maintenance Information website, the next maintenance window will happen on Monday, May 16th. Well, depending on your location, there’s a good chance it will actually be May 17th. Specifically, it should begin at 9 PM Pacific Time on May 16th / 12 AM Eastern Time / 6 AM CEST on May 17th. The process will wrap up at 7 AM Pacific Time / 10 AM Eastern Time / 6 PM CEST on May 17th. That’s a pretty long period of time, during which you won’t be able to use your credit card on the eShop, because “all network services will be unavailable.” So, arm yourself with patience and just play the stuff you already have in the meantime.

So, yeah, the Nintendo eShop server maintenance is the reason you’re getting the error where you can’t use your credit card to make purchases. Well, the most likely reason. Obviously, if you encounter trouble outside of the designated maintenance window, then the problem might be on your end. You should try checking your internet connection and maybe power cycle your router. While your at it, resetting your console might also be a good idea. Sure, you might have to start the purchase process from the top, but it’s worth a shot. If none of those things work, then you might have to contact Nintendo’s support. You can do so via this link.

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