Off-Piste 1 Riders Republic - Unable to Connect to Server Error Fix

Riders Republic, Ubisoft’s massive multiplayer extreme-sports game, has recently launched. While the game is far from bug-free, which is to be expected from an online game of that size and scope, one particular error has affected many players. This is the so-called Off-Piste 1 error code. The strange name alone has no doubt caused a lot of confusion as to what it is. In fact, all this refers to is a simple Unable to Connect to Server error, which is very common for online games of this type. In this Off-Piste 1 Riders Republic – Unable to Connect to Server Error Fix guide, we will provide some methods to resolve this issue, so that you can get back to playing the game.

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Off-Piste 1 Riders Republic - Unable to Connect to Server Error Fix

How to Fix Off-Piste 1 Riders Republic – Unable to Connect to Server Error

The first thing you should do here is completely close (meaning – quit altogether) the game and try launching it again. If that doesn’t work, another solution that often helps with these connectivity issues is to restart your device. It should also be pointed out that Ubisoft recommends that you play on a wired internet connection, so you should try this as well. If you are playing on an Xbox or PlayStation device, you should also check to see if your Xbox Live or PlayStation Network account is correctly linked to your Ubisoft account. Unlinking and then relinking your console account to your Ubisoft account again could also help. Changing your Ubisoft account password is also being reported as a fix in some cases.

Another possible solution is to wait five minutes at the game’s starting screen. After that, the game was able to connect normally. If everything else fails, all that’s left is to contact Ubisoft support for further assistance. Since the game has only just launched, this most likely has to do with insufficient number of servers currently available. The problem will most likely get resolved soon. Until then, we hope that one of these solutions we have provided will help you. If you come across any other solutions, feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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  2. T

    This game is literally a failure to launch. I’ve had it 24 hours now and can’t even play it. POS.

  3. D

    Bought this physically to play on my series X, was so hyped to play after seeing gameplay and hearing my friends say they were enjoying it.
    Have not been able to get passed the Ubisoft connect prompt.
    Literally cannot even see the game run on my system.
    The most I’ve seen is the title screen and Ubisoft connect prompt.
    So disappointed in this release and even more so with Ubisoft.
    They don’t even have a well made website or app to get any official support.
    Not supporting Ubisoft anymore at all.
    I’m done with sub par gaming experiences that seem to have become their bread and butter.

    1. H

      Did you ever fix it? I’m having this same problem rn

      1. A

        Did anyone fox this!!? I have the same problem

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