Onyx Disney Dreamlight Valley

The latest update to Disney Dreamlight Valley is finally here. Like the previous update, this one has likewise added a whole bunch of new content to the game. This includes things such as new areas, characters, quests, and items. For example, there is a new Merlin-related Story Quest called “Working Miracles”. When you talk to the old wizard, he’s going to explain that he’s figured out a way to enhance your Royal Tools with Special Elixirs. He’ll give you some, and explain how to craft others. For example, the Miracle Pickaxe Polish requires the following ingredients: 10 Vitalys Crystals, 5 Onyx, and lots of Dreamlight. The Crystals and Dreamlight are obvious, but where in Disney Dreamlight Valley can you find Onyx? We’re going to tell you everything we know about Onyx and its locations right here.

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Onyx Disney Dreamlight Valley
Onyx Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to Find Onyx in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Unlike most other resources in the game, the Collection Screen entry for Onyx doesn’t tell you anything about where to find Onyx. In this regard, Onyx is very similar to another recently-added material – Red Algae. Naturally, this makes searching for it very confusing. So where can you find the Onyx in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Well, since it is a mineral, the only way you can get it is – through Mining.

As far as we can tell, there are no set locations for Onyx in the game. This means that you can get it as a random drop regardless of where you do your mining. Another important thing to note here is that, unlike some other materials in the game of the same type, Onyx won’t be noticeable until you start mining for it and it appears as a random drop. It won’t stick out from the ground, indicating where it is. So, the only way to get enough of this material is to do as much mining as you can and hope you get lucky.

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