Toy Story Realm Door Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Toy Story Realm Door in Disney Dreamlight Valley takes you to the newly-unlock world of Buzz, Woody and friends. However, some players are having trouble figuring out where to find the door itself. Considering that they’re all covered in thorns, I don’t blame you. That’s why, in this guide, we’ll show you where to find and how to enter the Toy Story Realm.

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toy story realm door disney dreamlight valley
Toy Story Realm Door Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story Realm Door

The Toy Story Realm Door in Disney Dreamlight Valley is right next to the Frozen door in the castle. On the right side, to be exact. It is pretty difficult to notice until you get right to the door, so don’t be upset if you couldn’t figure it out from the beginning. The “sigil” on the door is an oval with three circles and an antenna. In other words, it is the head of one of those squeaky three-eyed aliens. If you need a reminder, the Frozen door is on the first level of the staircase, on the “balcony” area. You can see exactly where the door is in the image below. It costs you seven thousand Dreamlight to unlock, so keep that in mind.

disney dreamlight valley toy story realm door location where to find
Toy Story Door location (click to zoom in)

And there you have it, that’s where you find the location of the Toy Story Realm Door in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how to enter it. Naturally, once you get in there, you’ll have a lot to sink your teeth into. You’ll meet Woody and Buzz, who will have brand new quests for you to do. To say nothing of a whole new realm for you to explore. On top of that, the developers have added new things in the other realms, such as the Red Algae and other stuff. Stay tuned, because we’ll be covering some of the new content in future guides.

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