OSRS Christmas Event 2022 Guide

The Christmas event 2022 is currently underway in Old School RuneScape. This event has some very nice prizes in store for players, but you will first need to complete several festive mini-games. In this OSRS Christmas Event 2022 guide, we’re going to tell you everything that you need to know about this event, including how to start it, how to beat all of the games, and what rewards you can get out of it. Let’s jump right into it.

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OSRS Christmas Event 2022 Guide
OSRS Christmas Event 2022 Guide

How to Start OSRS 2022 Christmas Event

The OSRS Christmas Event 2022 will run from December 13th, 2022, until January 2023. In order to start this event, you need to find and speak with Guss Mistletoad. He can be found on a road connecting Barbarian Village to Falador. We have marked this location in the screenshot below. Speak with Guss and agree to start the event. Go to the portal, where Santa will talk to you. Go back and talk with Guss and then with Santa once more. He will ask you a riddle, the answer to which is: Frostbite. You can now enter the portal, but make sure that you don’t have an item on your back – meaning no capes.

OSRS Christmas Event start location
OSRS Christmas Event start location

How to Beat Christmas Games in OSRS Christmas Event 2022

Once you are in this new area, talk to Santa’s Scribe. Your job here is to pick up Coal piles and hand them off to other players. Once you are the last player left standing, speak to the Scribe again and give this answer: Snowman. On to the next game. Speak with the Gnome Inspector. For this game, you need to pick up the gingerbread and put it into the hopper with the blinking arrow above it. Don’t pick up the red gingerbread, as this will lower your points. However, if the game bugs out and no green gingerbread is spawning, pick up the red one, and this will cause the game to resume creating green ones so that you can finish this game. At the end, speak with the Gnome and give the following answer: Candle.

For the third and final game, speak with the Snowball Champion, and after that with Guss. In this game, Guss is going to be your partner, so make sure you don’t hit him with your snowballs. Of course, other players are fair game, so pick up as many snowballs as you can and start throwing them at your opponents. From time to time, a yellow snowball is going to appear. Pick it up immediately, as this will cause 5x the damage of a regular snowball. Once all the players have been eliminated choose to dodge the snowball in the cutscene.

OSRS 2022 Christmas Event Rewards

Talk to Guss once again, and you will get your rewards for completing the event. The rewards are: Santa’s List, Coal Sack, Festive Goggles & Jumper, Festive Games Crown, and Nutcracker Outfit.

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