Outriders Legendary Farm - Armor & Weapons

Legendary Armor and Weapons in Outriders are the best items you can get in the game, and people are wondering how to farm them. After all, who doesn’t want to get their mittens on high-powered, cool-looking gear? Well, as is the case in all looter-shooters, you do kinda have to grind to get legendary weapons and armor in this game. However, there are some things you can do to increase your odds. We’ll explain the whole process in our Outriders Legendary Farm – Armor & Weapons guide.

outriders legendary farm armor & weapons
Outriders Legendary Farm – Armor & Weapons

How to Farm Legendary Items in Outriders

To farm legendary items in Outriders, such as armor and weapons, the most important thing is to set the World Tier high. Specifically, you have to bump it up to at least 5, at which point legendary spawn chances grow to 25%. Of course, as you play, you will unlock further World Tiers, and the higher you set it, the better your odds of getting legendary items. More about that in a bit.

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As for which missions you can farm legendary weapons and armor in, there are two fairly early on that work fine. For one, there’s the Payback side quest. You can pick it up from Audrey Storm near the Crossroads flag during the mission where you’re hunting for Gauss. The other mission is the second Story Point in Rift Town.

How to Change World Tier Difficulty in Outriders

To change the world tier difficulty in Outriders and thereby farm legendary items more easily, you first have to unlock them. That happens by killing enemies; the more bad guys you eliminate, the higher your World Tier bar goes. However, the bar will drop every time you die, so keep that in mind.

Once you have a World Tier unlocked, you can select it in the lobby, before you hop into the game proper. If you’re playing Outriders co-op, the Squad leader gets to set the tier. If they select a tier higher than the one you have unlocked, worry not, you will still progress in your highest tier. You can also change the World Tier when you’re already in a mission, from the pause menu, if things get too difficult.

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