Outriders Vulnerable Status Effect

Outriders Vulnerable status effect is a debuff that you can apply to enemies. It lasts for a brief few seconds, during which you can deal more damage to them. It’s very useful thing to have, allowing you to rotate some serious DPS in. During major encounters, especially as a group, proper use of the Vulnerable effect can turn the tides of the battle. So, how does the Vulnerable status effect in Outriders work, and how do you apply it? Well, let’s find out.

outriders vulnerable status effect
Outriders Vulnerable Status Effect

Vulnerable Status Effect in Outriders

The Vulnerable status effect in Outriders is, as we’ve already mentioned, a debuff effect that you can apply to enemies. While the status is active, the enemies take more damage. Don’t get that confused with the Weakness debuff, which causes enemies to deal less damage to you. The Vulnerable effect lasts for a couple of seconds, ranging anywhere between five to ten seconds, according to some estimates. Make sure to test it out for yourself. Either way, the time to apply some DPS is brief, so make the most of it.

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vulnerable status effect outriders
Vulnerable status effect description

How to Apply Vulnerable Status

There are several ways to apply the Vulnerable status effect in Outriders. For one, there are three tiers of weapon mod that you can put on your weapon – Vulnerability Bullets, Improved Vulnerability Bullets, and Ultimate Vulnerability Bullets. The difference between them is how short the cooldown is.

Another way to deal the Vulnerable effect onto enemies is via certain class skills. The Ash Breaker Pyromancer has the ability Ashes to Ashes, while the Tech Shaman Technomancer has Exposing Frost and Exposing Toxin. These skills apply Vulnerable along with their primary effect. Incidentally, the Tech Shaman can also use Marked for Execution to increase the effectiveness of the Vulnerability by a significant margin.

A few of the other classes can also make enemies Vulnerable under certain conditions. The Devastator can do so with Reflect Bullets (must have Hollow Point armor mod) and Endless Mass (must have Mosh Pit armor mod). The Trickster can do the same with Hunt the Prey (must have Radiation Jump armor mod).

Admittedly, it’s a little difficult sometimes to get all the minutiae of games like these, so if we’ve made any mistakes, feel free to correct us in the comments below. Just keep it civil. If you want to read more about the different status effects, check out Ash Status Effect and Marked Enemies guides.

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