How to Pet Dog in Necromunda Hired Gun

The question of how to pet your dog in Necromunda Hired Gun has been the matter of discussion among the game’s player base. After all, every game that gives you any kind of pet should let you interact with it. Necromunda not only lets you pet your furry companion, but doing so unlocks a trophy. However, you can’t do it from the get-go; you have to progress far enough in the game’s story first. In our How to Pet Dog in Necromunda Hired Gun guide, we’ll show you how to pet the pooch and get the Who’s a Good Boy achievement.

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how to pet dog in necromunda hired gun
How to Pet Dog in Necromunda Hired Gun

How to Pet Necromunda Hired Gun Dog – Who’s a Good Boy Trophy

To pet your dog in Necromunda Hired Gun and get the Who’s a Good Boy achievement, you can do so right at the start, before you even select your character. Alternatively, you first have to make your way through the first chapter of the game. Once you do, you’ll find yourself in Martyr’s End, which serves as the game’s main hub of sorts. Don’t worry, you won’t have to play for too long until you get there. When you get to Martyr’s End, find the bar and go to the right from it. Look for your loving pet hanging out in the corner. Approach it and, when the button prompt appears in the bottom, complete it to pet the dog. On PC, it’s “E.” I don’t know what it is on other platforms, so just look for yourself. When you pet the dog, the Who’s a Good Boy trophy should pop, but only if you do so in Martyr’s End.

necromunda hired gun how to pet dog
Approach the dog in Martyr’s End to pet it

So, that’s how to pet your dog in Necromunda Hired Gun and get the Who’s a Good Boy achievement/trophy. Any game that let’s you pet a dog automatically gets an extra point from me, even if the general reviews might be mixed. Plus, the animation here is adorable, I love it. Anyways, for more info on the game, stay tuned for more of our guides coming down the pipeline.

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