Hokko Life Enters Early Access

Hokko Life, a charming community sim, enters Steam Early Access today. Hokko Life is all about designing a perfect dream home, so you will have a lot of customization options. From your wallpapers, roof, and floor, all the way to your chair cushions, you can tailor it all to your liking. You can alter colors, materials, and shapes to custom-design your clothes and furniture, which you can then share with your friends.

Hokko Life Enters Early Access

When Will Hokko Life Become Available?

You can get Hokko Life right now on Steam for $19.99 / £15.99 / €19.99.

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Take a look at the Early Access trailer:

The Key Features in Hokko Life include:

  • Get Creative in the Workshop. Using the 3D Design Tool, you can tailor every aspect of Hokko Life to your liking.
  • Design it all. Colors, fabrics, even the shapes and angles – you can edit and adjust everything.
  • Share it once you’ve made it. Players can share their creations with their friends and other denizens of Hokko.
  • Explore and indulge in other activities. You don’t have to spend all your time on designing furniture. In Hokko Life, you can also take time to fish, catch bugs, and explore your surroundings to locate and harvest resources for crafting.
  • Meet the Neighborhood. The townsfolk of Hokko will give you a warm welcome. Get to know them and their unique personalities, and make friendships that will last a lifetime!

Hokko Life seems like a very relaxing and undemanding Animal Crossing-like game that you can unwind to after a long day. Developed by one-person studio Wonderscope, and published by Team17 (best known for their Worms series), Hokko Life already looks like a fun experience, despite only just entering the Early Access development stage.

This looks like the type of game that’s perfect for players of all ages, so we can easily imagine playing this alongside our kids.

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