Psychonauts 2 How to Save

The question of how to save in Psychonauts 2 has been cropping up quite a lot since the game came out. People are trying to find some kind of manual save option, but it doesn’t seem to be there. Sure, the game autosaves and tells you so, but what if you want the option to save when you want? Can you even do so? Well, that’s the matter we’ll be discussing in this guide.

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psychonauts 2 how to save
Psychonauts 2 How to Save

How to Save in Psychonauts 2

To save in Psychonauts 2, you’re just gonna have to let the game handle the whole thing. There is no way to save the game manually. You have to rely entirely on the game’s autosave system, which does sound a bit unreliable, but it isn’t. The developers have made dang sure to make a very generous system that saves almost anytime you do anything of any importance.

Every time you see the little purple brain icon in the top right of the screen, the game has just saved itself. It happens whenever you pick up a collectible, enter a new zone, unlock a skill, complete an encounter, make any progress in the story, etc. You’re set when it comes to saving, is what I’m saying. Sure, I would’ve also preferred a manual save option, but in this case, you can let it slide.

Another little mechanic that is extremely useful to keep track of your progress is the timer when you’re quitting the game. When you try and exit the game, you’ll get a message telling you how long it’s been since your last save. That way, you can keep track of how much you’d lose if you quit at that point. So, yeah, the answer to how to save in Psychonauts 2 is basically – you can’t. However, you don’t need to. The game has it all covered for you. It would be handy to have manual save, sure, but oh well.

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