Put on Customized Mickey Ears Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Disney Dreamlight Valley April 2023 update is here, and it is one of the biggest yet! The Pride of the Valley Update introduces The Lion King Realm alongside Simba and Nala. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as we are also getting new recipes, new quests for old characters, and, of course – a shiny new Star Path! In this guide, we explain how to complete the “Put on Customized Mickey Ears” duty in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Put on Customized Mickey Ears Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Put on Customized Mickey Ears Disney Dreamlight Valley

A new Star Path is here, and it also comes with new Star Path Duties! As you are probably aware, in order to grind through this Battle Pass-like feature in Disney Dreamlight Valley and obtain unique items, you will need to complete duties. And one of these duties seems particularly troublesome for many players. Namely, it seems that there are quite a few players that don’t know how to “Put on Customized Mickey Ears” in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Luckily, this is a rather easy task to complete. You just need to follow these step-by-step instructions below, and you’re good! Here they are:

  • First, open your Wardrobe menu.
  • From there, head to the first option, which reads “Customize”.
  • Here, simply search for an item that says “White Mickey ears”.
  • Customize this cosmetic item however you like.
  • Finally, wear them in order to complete the “Put on Customized Mickey Ears” duty.

And that’s it, task completed! It was that easy! Enjoy your adventures in the new update, and if you have any other questions, check out our guides for Alien Toys for Buzz locations or the Eyes in the Dark Nala quest in the Pride of the Valley Update. With that said, our “Put on Customized Mickey Ears Disney Dreamlight Valley” guide is completed.

How to Put on Customized Mickey Ears Disney Dreamlight Valley
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  1. S

    There’s no option for me to customize! It only has the options for eyes, brows, nose, etc. I’m on the swtich if that means anything.

    1. L

      Sasha, it’s not customising your character but your clothes. The first option in wardrobe.

  2. S

    I just wanted to mention that I found it. Once in Wardrobe, I had to click on the paintbrush Customize and then add new and scroll to find the white Mickey Ears option. 😅

  3. L

    Ah, she found it – I hadn’t updated the page in a while. Anyway thanks for this guide. It had me stumped despite being obvious in retrospect.

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