Races Deepwoken Celtor, Etrean, Canor, Gremor, Adret

Deepwoken races, like Celtor, Etrean, Canor, Gremor and others, are one of the key parts of character creation; it’s the first page, after all. Each race has its innate perks, all of which are useful in their own way. However, if you don’t like the race you got, you can change it, as long as you have the funds. In our Races Deepwoken Celtor, Etrean, Canor, Gremor guide, we’ll give you a list of all playable races and what they do, as well as how to reroll your Deepwoken race and their rarities.

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races deepwoken celtor etrean canor gremor adret
Races Deepwoken Celtor, Etrean, Canor, Gremor, Adret

Deepwoken Races & Attributes – Celtor, Etrean, Canor, Gremor, Adret

Races in Deepwoken, like Celtor, Etrean, Canor, Gremor, Adret and others, all have different bonuses and attributes. There are eleven different races that you can get in the game, with the caveat that Lightborn cannot be rolled, but has rather been given to select testers by the developer. With that said, here’s a list of races and what they do.

  • Celtor – +2 to Intelligence & Charisma, +10 HP to Boats, 20% Shipwright discount
  • Etrean – +2 to Intelligence & Agility, +1 to Health, reduced time of Status Effects
  • Canor – +2 to Strength and Charisma, reduced Team Damage
  • Gremor – +2 to Strength and Fortitude, slower Hunger, has a compass
  • Adret – +2 to Charisma and Willpower, higher starting reputation, learns faster
  • Felinor – +2 to Agility and Charisma, extra strength and faster climbing on wooden surfaces
  • Khan – +2 to Strength and Agility, can equip items 3 points below required amount
  • Vesperian – +2 to Fortitude, Willpower and Health due to chitin armor
  • Ganymede – +2 to Intelligence and Willpower, resistant to Sanity effects
  • Capra – +2 to Intelligence and Willpower, improves Sanity, or Group Rest, or gets more from eating food
  • Lightborn – +2 to Agility and Intelligence, +5 to stat of choice

Race Rarity & How to Reroll Race in Deepwoken

You can reroll your race in Deepwoken and what you get depends on the race rarity. You just need to click the Purchase Reroll button in the top right of the screen in the first page of the character creation screen. However, it will cost you 150 Robux each time you do this. It is a roguelike game, after all, so that does make sense; you’re supposed to go with what you get. But, if you really dislike what you got, that’s how you can change your race. Below is a list of race rarity, just so you know your odds. The numbers are not 100% accurate, but rather ballpark estimates. Also, reminder – you can’t roll a Lightborn at the time of writing.

  • 17% – Celtor, Adret, Etrean
  • 15% – Canor
  • 13% – Gremor
  • 9% – Felinor, Khan
  • 6% – Vesperian
  • 2% – Ganymede, Capra
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