Remnant 2 Invader Archetype Location & Unlock

If you are not sure how to unlock the Remnant 2 Invader Archetype, you’ve come to the right place! Remnant 2 has proven to be a really fun sequel, and part of it comes in the form of exciting exploration and intriguing secrets. Here’s where to find the Remnant 2 Invader Class location.

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How to Get the Invader Class in Remnant II

How to Unlock Invader Archetype in Remnant 2

It has been a couple of days since the start of the early access weekend for Remnant 2. However, the community still hasn’t been able to discover all the secrets. Aside from five starting classes, there are also at least four secret archetypes, which players need to discover in order to unlock them. The latest elusive class to be discovered is the Invader Archetype.

According to the Reddit user FoskitoNegro, who has shared a spreadsheet of all unlockables he has found, the Invader is an archetype that “specializes in elusiveness and misdirecting the enemy’s focus”. The Remnant 2 Invader Archetype is located at the Corrupted Harbor, in the Root Earth biome.

What you need to find there is a material called Wooden Shiv. For this, you will need the Dreamcatcher melee weapon. While at the Corrupted Harbor, you will spot a stone which stands out. It has some kind of blue mist/sparkles around it. Check out the image below for reference. You will need to use the Dreamcatcher on this stone. This will give you the Walker’s Dream. You will then need to use the Walker’s Dream to defeat the Bane mini-boss. Again, check out the image below so that you know how the boss looks. Finally, beat the boss, and it will drop Wooden Shiv. Bring the material back to Wallace at Ward 13, and he will craft an engram which unlocks the Remnant 2 Invader Archetype. And that’s all you need to know! Have fun!

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