RK Safe Code Combination - Lost Judgment

The Lost Judgement RK safe code combination is what you need to punch into the safe in the secret hideout. However, figuring out how to unlock the RK safe code in Lost Judgement is kinda tricky. In fact, it involves grabbing the clothes from an unsuspecting bartender and listening in on two gang members. So, to help you out on this “journey,” here’s our How to Unlock RK Safe – Lost Judgement guide.

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rk safe code combination lost judgment
RK Safe Code Combination – Lost Judgment

How to Unlock RK Safe Code – Lost Judgement Combination

To unlock the Lost Judgment RK safe, you need to find the code, or combination. To do that, progress through the game until you get to the RK gang hideout. Proceed until the stealth section kicks in after the bouncer stops Yagami from getting in. When you manage to enter the hideout, head into the room on the right to find the safe. Make a mental note of the location, then head through the vent ducts. Find the bartender and knock him out, then steal his clothes. Now you can move around more freely.

Once you have the bartender’s uniform on, head out and find the two RK members on the left. Chill in their vicinity for a little bit, and you’ll overhear their entire conversation about the safe and the code. Basically, they say that the code is “RK’s numbers” and that R is 18. That’s more than enough for our needs. To unlock the Lost Judgment RK safe, the code aka combination is 1811. Why? Well, R is the eighteenth letter in the alphabet, we can easily figure out that, since K is the eleventh letter, the safe combination has to be 1811.

All that’s left for you to do is march over to the room where the safe is and punch in the code. Inside, you’ll find some Guard Pants, which should add some 15% to your defense. At least, that’s what we got. If you need help with something else in the game, check out some of our other guides. To name just a few, we’ve got articles like Secret Gambling Hall Door Code, Garlic Location, and Roses Location.

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