Beehives Locations - Lost Judgment

While you will be collecting a lot of stuff in Lost Judgement, Beehives are definitely one of the stranger things that you can find in the game. However, you will need these if you want to create some of the more powerful Extracts that your old friend Iyama can create for you. You will encounter him Chapter 3 and after rescuing him, he will make a deal with you, providing you with Extracts and their recipes in exchange for you finding materials such as mugwort for him. Since beehives are the components needed for many Extracts, our Beehives Locations – Lost Judgment guide will help you locate this material.

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Beehives Locations - Lost Judgment

Where to Find Beehives in Lost Judgment

There are three locations in Lost Judgment where you can find beehives. The first of these is in the Yi Xing Tang shop. This shop is located in China Town. A single beehive costs 1.300 yen there. You can also purchase beehives from Komai. He runs the Extract Shop in Seiryo High, and he can be found there at the northern point of the schoolyard. One final way that you can get beehives is from the Bar District. Here, Beehives can randomly spawn on the ground. However, they are still very rare and the odds of you getting one this way is pretty low. Still, if you do not want to spend your hard-earned money on buying beehives, this is the only other way to get them.

So, walk around the Bar District, collecting items you run across, until you gather enough Beehives. Odds are good that you will need to make several laps around this district until this happens, so prepare to spend some time here until you get them. If you are interested in how to get other hard-to-find materials, we recommend you give our How to Find Garlic and How to Find Roses guides a read as well.

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