Saints Row CE-107880-4 Error, Pre Order Bonus Download Fix

Don’t know how to fix the Saints Row CE-107880-4 error on the PS5? We’ve got you covered! The 2022 Saints Row reboot is now out on all platforms, including the PS5. However, some of the PS5 players are currently having issues accessing their pre-order and gold/platinum edition content at launch. The pre-order content includes the Idols Anarchy Pack and the Saints Criminal Customs pack. If you can’t install the pre-order bonus content, and instead you are getting the “Something went wrong” message with the CE-107880-4 error code, here’s a possible solution on how to fix it.

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Saints Row CE-107880-4 Error, Pre Order Bonus Download Fix

How to Fix CE-107880-4 Error & Download Pre Order Bonus in Saints Row

The usual way to download pre-order content, and all other add-ons, is via the “Manage Game Content” menu. From the main PlayStation menu, you select your game, click on the Options button, and then from the drop-down menu select “Manage Game Content”. However, for the Saints Row pre-order content (as well as Gold and Platinum edition), this doesn’t seem to work. When players try to download and install pre-order bonus content, they receive the CE-107880-4 error.

Saints Row CE-107880-4 Error, Pre Order Bonus Download Fix
Saints Row CE-107880-4 Error

From what we saw from various reports, this issue is mostly plaguing players on the PS5. And it is not only for the pre-order content. Some players report that they are unable to install the Gold and Platinum edition content as well, including the Los Panteros bundle and expansion pass. So, is there any way to fix this? Currently, only one method is reported to work as a solid workaround.

Reddit user The Vision suggests downloading the game directly from the PS store app on your mobile device or the PS Store website ”should force the game to download the content onto your console”. Thus, for now, that’s the best option we have to fix this issue. If that doesn’t help, unfortunately, you will have to wait for the developers to fix the issue themselves.

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  1. M

    Says no add ons available check back later

  2. J
    Jacob Johns

    I have the disc version and having the same issue.

  3. H
    Hafiedza Youkai

    I think its not developer fault, its Sony fault, because i pre ordered and pre load Soul Hackers 2 Premium Edition for PS5 got this error message CE-107880-4 too. So i think Sony need to update the PS5 system to address this issue

  4. L

    not able to download extra stuff either sony get yall crap together I want my money worth smh

  5. M
    Marty Magnu

    Hello it’s totally f***d says fix from the store if get the error, what c**p this is terrible work from Sony, the car and weapons clothing start game is awful u need the bonuses lol ok

  6. M
    Matty Magnum

    Aweful Work Sony u need bonuses items start game suck looks plain car weapons r terrible ok

  7. T

    I’m having the same issue I paid almost $80 for the version of saints row I have and I can’t download anything. Did anyone fix this yet??

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