Save Herbalist in Plague Tale Requiem

You can save the Herbalist in A Plague Tale Requiem in Chapter 3: A Burden of Blood. As you walk through the ruined village, you’ll come across two guards leading the herbalist out of his abode. If you play your cards right, you can eliminate the guards and keep the Herbalist alive. It is entirely optional, but hey, you can save a life. In this guide, we are going to walk you through the whole process and explain how to save the Herbalist.

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save herbalist in plague tale requiem
Save Herbalist in Plague Tale Requiem

How to Save Herbalist in A Plague Tale Requiem

To save the Herbalist in A Plague Tale Requiem, you need to make the rats eat the two guards, but leave the NPC alone. Timing will be of the utmost essence here, as will proper preparation. First off, you need to craft some Extinguish with a Sling shots (the game spells it as Exstinguis with a Sling, but you get the idea). You can find some materials in a chest in the village church. It’s in an alcove across from the statue of the Virgin Mary. Exit the church through the side door, light the torch to chase the rats away, then follow the path to the bushes closest to the Herbalist’s gate. Hide in there.

The next step to save the Herbalist in A Plague Tale Requiem is to wait for the guard on the left to walk off to the side, shooing the rats away with his torch. Use the Extinguish with a Sling on the torch, and the rats will devour him. Don’t do it while he’s still close to the Herbalist, or he’ll die, too. Now, wait for the other guard to walk among the rats. When he’s in the same place as the dead guy, extinguish his torch, too. If you’ve done it all correctly, the Herbalist will survive. Not that you have to bother, mind you. He never appears in the game again, and there’s no achievement tied to it. So, it’s entirely a matter of your personal choice as to whether you want to rescue the Herbalist or not.

how to save herbalist in a plague tale requiem
Extinguish the torch when the guard enters the rats
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