Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Back to the Boat, Change Clothes

Not sure how to change clothes and return to the boat in Sherlock Holmes The Awakened? Our adventures with Sherlock and Watson in New Orleans will bring us to many interesting places. And Dr Watson will get some action as well! In this guide, we explain how to get rid of Barnaby’s outfit and get back to the boat after you meet the sheriff at the gem auction in the bank.

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Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Back to the Boat, Change Clothes

How to Change Clothes on the Boat in Sherlock Holmes The Awakened

Once we leave the asylum in the middle of the Swiss Alps, our journey will bring us to the swampy, hot and unbearably humid New Orleans. There, we will need to attend a gem auction in the local bank, which is involved in trading illegal gems and financing the whole operation back in the asylum. And for that, our dear Watson will need to disguise himself as a local gem dealer, Mr Barnaby. Unfortunately, Barnaby is not exactly a reputable citizen. He’s a notorious drunkard who owes money to just about every soul in the city. Consequently, this will create quite a few unpleasant situations for poor Watson. Hence, once we finish our investigation in the bank, you will want to change as soon as possible.

The corrupt sheriff will see immediately through your disguise in the bank, but not before we gather enough information about the gems and the important persons for the case. When you get out of the bank and meet Sherlock, you will need to get rid of Barnaby’s outfit before continuing the mission. The game instructs you to get back to the boat and change there. Because you can not do that in public. However, upon reaching your steamboat, you’ll see that you can not enter through the main docking platform. Is there an alternative entrance, or do you need to do something else?

Well, you don’t actually need to enter the boat. If you remember, when you first arrived, the local carrier dropped all your luggage to the ground. And now he did it again, but this time around straight into the Mississippi River. Interact with the floating clothes, and a cutscene will ensue. Lucy from the local brothel will appear, and she will offer her help. From there, simply follow her to the brothel, and you will change clothes there.

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