Sorbet Shark Cookie Cake, Cookie Run Kingdom

Not sure how to bake a Cake for Sorbet Shark Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom? We’ve a solution for you. The latest update 3.10 known as the Stories by the Fireplace introduces some new events and features. Our favorite one is the Sugar Gnomes’ Holiday Cake Shop, where you’ll take part in some interesting cooking events. In this guide we’ll share with you how to prepare the Sorbet Shark Cookie Cake order and get a 5 Heart review.

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Sorbet Shark Cookie Cake, Cookie Run Kingdom

Sorbet Shark Cookie’s Cake Order & Recipe, Cookie Run Kingdom

Sorbet Shark Cookie is one of the most interesting customers in the Holiday Cake Shop, because this Cookie only speaks in bubbles, and not in words. While completing different cake orders, we had a very similar problem with Candy Diver Cookie Cake. This Cookie made us a lot of trouble, because his order also was in symbols. Now, get back to Sorbet Shark.

When Sorbet Shark Cookie enters the store, he’ll ask for a special cake, in his words: oOOooOOoooOOOoo! oOOoOooOOOO! oOOoO! You have to admit, it’s not easy to understand these bubble-words request. But we’ve got you covered! As you follow the dialog on the screen, you will end up with the option to make a cake topped with all kinds of fruit. So, let’s begin!

We’ve found several solutions that lead toward a 5 stars review, and we’ll share them with you:

  1. For the first solution you should start with a 2-tier Lemon Cake and add 4 of each Fruit topping – Tart Cherries, Juicy Oranges, and Tangy Blueberries, with no frosting
  2. For the second one use a 4-tier Vibrant Blueberry Cream, add no Frosting, but use 8 Tart Cherries, 8 Juicy Oranges, 8 Tangy Blueberries

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