Stitch Level 10 Quest Locked Bug Fix Disney Dreamlight Valley

If your Stitch Level 10 Friendship Quest is locked despite having a level 10 friendship, you should know that this is a fairly common issue at the moment. The Stitch Level 10 Quest bug affects many players who have finally managed to unlock Stitch and play with this little alien. Here’s what we know about this annoying issue and how it can be fixed.

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Stitch Level 10 Quest Locked Bug Disney Dreamlight Valley
Stitch Friendship Quest Bugged Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Fix the Stitch Level 10 Friendship Quest Locked Bug in Disney Dreamlight Valley

First thing first, let’s establish one fact. Friday, December 16th 2022, is the first day when players will be able to find Stitch in a “normal” way without using the time travel trick. That’s because the third stolen sock is designed to appear 15 days after you’ve started the quest. Thus, if you have unlocked the alien before, that means you have abused the time travelling. In that case, Level 10 Quest is most likely buggy because of that. It is known that time travelling in this game is causing many issues, and this is one of them.

However, this bug also appears even for some players who didn’t use time travel. In fact, we also had this issue without time-travelling. If that’s the case with you, then you should know that this bug is mostly only temporary. There is no specific solution for it, and you will not have to do anything particular. Rather, you’ll have to wait a day (a real-life day, 24 hours). At least, that was the case for us. Our Stitch Level 10 Quest was locked despite having a level 10 friendship, and we didn’t know what to do. However, after a day, it “magically” unlocked and started working as normal. If you know of any other solution for the Stitch Level 10 Quest locked bug, please share it with us in the comments section!

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  1. T

    No time traveling here, but once I craft the parts to fix Stitches TV, my crafting station just glitches. Super frustrating.

    1. P
      Patric Hawks

      It glitches in the crafting station for me too. Does anyone know how to correct it?

  2. T

    I fixed Donald’s vandalized signs,he gave me 3 I could only place 2 because the third magically disappeared.
    Went back and recollected fixed signs,now it says I only have 1 out of the 3….what?

    1. T

      Stitch has to fix the third one!!

  3. A
    Ann Marie Marczak

    I am one of those with no time traveling here. I crafted the parts to fix Stitches TV, once they were crafted I looked for the TV to fix. My crafting station just keeps scrolling. Once that stopped it told me to go to Stich’s house to give him the TV but there is no TV. Super frustrating.

    1. T

      Same here! It really is frustrating. I do hear they’re coming up with a fix for it!

  4. O

    I’m about ready to ask for a refund, I didn’t realize I was buying a “Beta” version that they fix as they go, my latest frustration (and there have been many) is it won’t let me fix Stiches TV it just scrolls endlessly any idea when THAT patch is coming out? I stopped playing and won’t resume until I know there won’t be any more glitches

  5. D

    I need some help with stitch! Iv done the quest to get him here as far as setting the beacon down at skull rock after that my game glitched and stitch is not here nor do I have the beacon! Very sad if anyone knows how to help please reply!

  6. L
    Lakesha KeKe Riddick

    I craft the tv and did that mission and now I got stitch at level 10 and won’t let me move on this is so frustrating and also about to ask for my money back Damn

  7. B

    Mother gospel request to do the sun stone I got the 5 metro but she never gave me the gleaming dusk fragments how can I fix this

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