All Stray Codes

In our All Stray Codes guide, we’ll give you the solutions to every code puzzle in the game that we’ve found. Namely, we’ll tell you how to solve the codes in the apartment where B-12 is, the red note on the safe next to the musician in the slums, and the one in Seamus’s room. Before we begin, though, just know that there might be some slight SPOILERS from here on out.

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all stray codes
All Stray Codes

All Codes in Stray

#1 The first of all Stray codes you might run into is for the apartment in which you find B-12 in Chapter 3. You need to punch in 3748 to unlock it. The solution is actually in the dark room on the right. At this point, you should have the torch unlocked, and can look around in the darkness. The code will be scribbled on the glass of a picture frame in the corner. More info in our Door Digicode, How to Leave Flat guide.

#2 The second code you’ll likely to run into is when you’re trying to unlock the safe with the red note in the Slums in Chapter 4. It’s the one that’s in the alley close to the musician. This one is a little trickier. To solution to the second of all Stray codes is 1283. If you want to do this properly, go talk to Elliot. We explain where to find him in detail in our Binary Safe Code guide. This NPC to go to the Dufer Bar. So, do that. Once inside, jump onto the bar, go left, and bring down the painting above the sign to uncover the code.

#3 The third Stray codes that we’ve found unlocks the terminal in Seamus’s apartment in Chapter 6 to reveal Doc’s lab. The code here is 2511. How do you figure this one out? Well, behind the painting with two robots shaking hands is a clue that says “Time will tell.” There are four clocks on the wall. One is pointing to 2 o’clock, one to five, and two are pointing to one o’clock. Therefore, 2511. Check out our Secret Room Code Doc Lab guide for more detailed info.

#4 The fourth Stray code is the Midtown Safe. It’s inside the shop that has Paoudre in front of it. The code for this one is 8542. While you first may think that it is 2458, the trick here is that this code is meant to be read (and entered) backwards. Hence – 8542. Read our Midtown Safe Code Solution guide for a more detailed solution.

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