Stray How to get Energy Drinks, Vending Machines Locations

Where to find all Energy Drinks in Stray is something you would definitely want to learn as soon as possible if you want to purchase items from Azooz the vendor. In the Slums of Stray, the local merchant Azooz has a miscellaneous collection of items for your to buy. In the true fashion of a flea market trader, he will not simply ask for money in exchange for these items. Rather, each item has a specific thing Azooz will ask you to give him in exchange. And some of them will require Energy Drinks. In this guide, we list all Energy Drinks locations and where to find all Vending Machines.

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Stray How to Get Energy Drinks, Vending Machines Locations
Stray Energy Drinks Locations

Where to Find all Energy Drinks Locations in Stray

Unlike many other strange things in Stray, Energy Drinks can actually be found exactly where you expect them to be. Inside the Vending Machines. There are four of them, and each one will net you one drink, four in total which you will need to purchase Ancient Relic (three drinks) and a Music Sheet (one drink) from Azooz. So, without further ado, let’s check out where you can find these four Vending Machines:

  • The first one is right across from where Morusque the musician is sitting on the street, left from where you first meet the Guardian robot.
  • The second one is in an alley on the right from Grandma. Enter the alley, then turn left, then right again up the stairs, and you’ll spot a Vending Machine. There’s a graffiti that says “R.I.P. Humans” near it.
  • For the next one, go back to Grandma. From there, jump to the platform across her until a rooftop with a couch and a robot with a human-like face. From there, go directly to the other side, and in the small space between the buildings, you’ll spot a Vending Machine.
  • Finally, the fourth Vending Machine is also right there, on the left of the platform with a couch. It will be quite easy to spot it and reach it as well. Just use the nearby barrels and rooftops.
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