Stray Midtown Safe Code Solution

As is the case with many modern games released today, Stray also has a number of optional collectibles that you can get. Many of these are hidden behind codes. To be able to get to them, you will first need to figure out the correct code. Each one of these is different and thus requires a different solution, including the safe in Midtown. If you are wondering how to solve it, we are here to provide you with the solution for the Midtown Safe Code in Stray.

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Stray Midtown Safe Code Solution

Stray Safe Code in Midtown Store

You will come across this safe – of course – in Midtown. The safe code location is inside a shop. You will recognize which shop it is thanks to Paoudre standing right outside of it, trying to talk with the shop’s owner. Jump on the counter and go inside. When you are inside the shop, round the corner to your right there. You will see a sign on the other side of the wall which you can translate. Have B-12 do so. The translation reads: “2458 :edoC“. Now that you know this, jump on the box right next to the sign. From there, jump onto the shelves. When you are on the top of the shelves, make your way to the safe there.

Interact with the safe. It will ask for the code. Well, you know the code – it’s 2458. Only, when you try this out, you won’t be able to unlock the safe. Why is this? As you can see, the entire code – complete with the letters that make up the word code – is actually written in reverse. So what you need to do here is to input that code, but in reverse. Meaning that the actual correct code to use is 8542. Once you have entered in this correct Midtown Safe code, it will open and you will be able to collect the Cat Badge inside. If you are interested in other codes in Stray, we invite you to check out our Stray Codes guide.

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