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Supplies are special items in Loop Hero. You can get them once you’ve built the Supply Depot in your camp, and they represent another branch of persistent upgrades. They can drop on the field of battle, but you can also craft them in the base. There’s lots of them, and figuring out how they work and which ones are the best to choose can be daunting. That’s why we’ve decide to write a Loop Hero supply guide, to tell you everything you need to know.

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loop hero supply
Loop Hero Supply

How to get supply camp items?

In order to start getting supply camp items, you need to build a Supply Depot in your camp. This will unlock the supply menu, and you’ll start randomly receiving them on the battlefield. It also unlocks the ability to craft said artifacts. Crafting is random – you only get to pick the item’s type, and the game chooses which item from that category you’ll receive. There are four categories – furniture, food, jewelry and tools.

How to increase supply item limit?

The only way to increase the number of supplies you can bring on expeditions is by building mud huts. Once you’ve built everything else, you can cover every available inch of camp space with mud huts. We suggest first building them all, then slowly upgrading as you go – it’s more cost efficient. Each mud hut will give you an additional equipped slot, and upgrading them will only increase the number.

Best supply camp items

The best supply items to carry are somewhat dependent on your class and approach, but some of them are clearly better than the others and should be given a higher priority.

  • The Count’s Chair gives you +1% vampirism if you already have it. Having between 90 and 100 of them means that, with only one piece of gear giving you any amount of vampirism, every point of damage you deal will come back as HP.
  • The Antique Shelf will give you +1 max HP for every whole resource you gather during the expedition. We like to stack as many of these as possible. More health is always better.
  • The Farmer’s Scythe gives you 5% chances of getting a ration while passing through a wheat field, and 3% of your damage becomes damage to all. This means that if you stack 33 of them, all the damage you make each time you attack will be applied to everyone – and the original target will get 200% damage. Plus, you’ll get 150% chance to receive a ration while passing through wheat, which pairs nicely with the Antique Shelf.
  • The Blacksmith’s Hammer gives you +1 defense.
  • Rare Book gives you +1 defense for every card in your hand, but does not stack.
  • Mixed Nuts give you +2 max HP for every point of defense – pairs nicely with Blacksmith’s Hammer and Rare Book.
  • The Alchemist’s shelf gives you an additional potion slot.
  • Exquisit Mirror gives you a 6% chance of deflecting lightning or magic damage onto a random enemy. Having 17 of them pushes that chance over 100%.
  • Old Painting increases damage done to bosses by 4%. Stacking 25 of them doubles the damage you do to bosses.
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