Hitman Location Watch Dogs Legion Online

The Hitman is one of the best recruits you can have in Watch Dogs Legion. The new online mode is no different; the hitman has great weapons and a ton of combat skills that always come in very handy. In short, having one of these on your team in Watch Dogs Online will be incredibly useful. So, where does one find a hitman, and how do you recruit one? We’ll be answering these questions in our Hitman Location Watch Dogs Legion Online guide. It’s simple once you know where to go and what to do.

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hitman location watch dogs legion online
Hitman Location Watch Dogs Legion Online

Where to Find Watch Dogs Legion Online Hitman Location?

To find the hitman location in Watch Dogs Legion Online, go to the Brewer St. fast travel point. Once there, you’re looking for two, uh… gentlemen clubs, shall we say? Yeah, let’s go with that. One of them is called Red Boudoir, and the other Club Fantasy. The hitman tends to spawn in the alley between these establishments. Check out the screenshots below to see exactly where to go. Keep in mind that the character might not appear at all times; for one, they spawn mostly at night. Come back to the place several times if you need to; the hitman will appear.

However, as you can kinda see in the screenshots, recruiting a hitman in Watch Dogs Online is unavailable at the time of writing. See, you first have to complete the “Leader of the Pack” tactical op. That activity, which is basically the Watch Dogs version of a raid, is currently not in the game. It won’t launch until March 23rd, in fact. So forget about the hitman for now, and check out our Watch Dogs Legion Online Best Recruits guide for more ideas.

So, that’s where you find the hitman location in Watch Dogs Legion Online. We’ve got several other guides that you can check out. For example, we’ve written How to Redeem Legion Club Rewards, Mask Locations, and several others. Hope you find them useful!

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