Sweet Jelly Jam Bug Fix - Cookie Run Kingdom

As you all know, Cookie Run Kingdom is a wildly popular and successful mobile game. With a cutesy design and addictive gameplay, it’s no wonder that it is played by millions of players around the world on a daily basis. However, with a game of its scale and following come the inevitable problems and bugs. The latest of these is the Sweet Jelly Jam Bug. Players are not getting the Deliver Sweet Jelly Jam quest and are wondering how to resolve this bug. If you are also having trouble with this, our Sweet Jelly Jam Bug Fix – Cookie Run Kingdom guide is here to provide you with a solution for this problem.

Sweet Jelly Jam Bug Fix - Cookie Run Kingdom

Deliver Sweet Jelly Jam – Cookie Run Kingdom Bug Fix

The issue with this particular quest is that it is bugged out, so that players cannot see it. So, even if you have all the prerequisites needed to unlock costumes, it still isn’t possible because of this. You need to Deliver x5 Sweet Jelly Jam. To accomplish this, you will first need a Level 2 Jammery. To create this Sweet Jelly Jam, you will need six jelly beans. The Jelly Beans themselves are acquired from a Jellybean Farm.

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What you need to do here, even if you cannot see the quest itself, is to proceed as if everything is working correctly. So, create x5 Sweet Jelly Jam in your Jammery as you normally would. After that, the task will show up as done. This will then allow you to claim your rewards and unlock the costume gacha in Cookie Run Kingdom. That’s all there is to it, and this method has helped many players who experienced this issue. If you have figured out another way that has worked to solve this bug, please share it with us and other players down in the comments below.

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