TFT Philosopher Stone Bug Explained

In our TFT Philosopher Stone Bug Explained guide, we’re going to break down how the Philosopher’s Stone exploit works in Teamfight Tactics. That way, you can use it to break the game entirely, or at least know what’s going on if somebody starts using it against you. Without further ado, let’s dive into the details.

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tft philosopher stone bug explained
TFT Philosopher Stone Bug Explained

How to Use TFT Philosopher Stone Bug Exploit

To use the Philosopher’s Stone bug exploit in TFT or Teamfight Tactics, the first step is to get the item. The only way to obtain it is through the Shimmerscale trait, which grants you random items during a match. This trait has been unbalanced since its introduction and can tip the match unfairly at the best of times. However, nothing compares with the Philosopher’s Stone. The idea is, you place it on a champion and then, whenever you reroll the shop, there’s a chance that you get a copy of that character. The more expensive the champion, the harder it is to copy.

That’s how things are supposed to work. However, if you relentlessly spam the reroll button (for which you can probably use an autoclicker), Teamfight Tactics has no way to recognize what you’re doing. As a result, if you abuse the system long enough, you’ll make enough copies, which will eventually fuse into a three-star champion. That’s how you use the TFT Philosopher’s Stone bug exploit. Needless to say, this completely upsets any balance in a match. It’s not necessarily guaranteed win, but it will 100% kill the vibe. So, you know… don’t do it.

On the bright side, there’s a good chance that the Philosopher’s Stone won’t be causing mayhem for much longer. The developers are probably going to either rework the item, or remove it outright. So, if you do wanna abuse the bug, enjoy it while you can.

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