This is Rocket League Quick Chat Challenge

The This is Rocket League Quick Chat challenge requires you to say that phrase three times. Completing this will reward you with a handful of Credits, which is always useful. Now, even if you’re a seasoned Rocket League, you might stumble here. That’s why, in this guide, we’ll show you how to say “This is Rocket League” in the chat.

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this is rocket league quick chat challenge
This is Rocket League Quick Chat Challenge

How to Use This is Rocket League in Quick Chat?

To use the “This is Rocket League” command in Quick Chat, complete the challenge and earn twenty-five Credits, the first step is to go into the Settings. Tab over into the chat settings and go to View / Change Quick Chat. From there, you can play around and toggle through which input says what in the quick chat. At the moment, you can change absolutely any of them to make you say “This is Rocket League.” It used to be that you could only say that phrase in the pre-game menu in Psyonics Tournaments. Now, however, the devs have changed it so that absolutely any command can be set to the sentence we need.

You have to use the “This is Rocket League” Quick Chat command three times in order to finish the challenge and get the reward. Now, let’s explain how to use the Quick Chat in the first place, just in case you don’t know. In the View / Change Quick Chat menu we’ve mentioned before, you can pretty much see what the commands are. Let’s say that you picked the fourth option under Reactions to say “This is Rocket League.” Well then, when you can do a reaction, you first press the button than brings up the Reactions wheel. Next, you press the button that is assigned to the fourth option. If you’re using a controller, that would basically be right on the d-pad, then down on the d-pad.

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