Tormentors Location in Rainbow Six Extraction

If you’re struggling to find a spawn location of Tormentors in Rainbow Six Extraction, we’re here to give you a hand. This particular creature is somewhat elusive, since it doesn’t appear very often on lower difficulties, if at all. However, it’s necessary to find them to complete one of the studies in Alaska. So, with all of that said, let’s get into it.

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tormentors location in rainbow six extraction
Tormentors Location in Rainbow Six Extraction

Where to Find Tormentors in Rainbow 6 Extraction

To find a location of Tormentors in Rainbow 6 Extraction, the best place to start looking is Alaska. It’ll take you a while of playing before you unlock that particular map, but it is the place where you have the biggest chance to find a Tormentor even at the lowest difficulty. It’s not a guarantee, but it has happened to us, so it’s worth a shot. Besides, Alaska is the map where you unlock the “Stun Still” study, which revolves entirely around Tormentors. More on that in a minute. Now, while the monster itself spawns at random (the whole game is procedurally generated, after all), one thing we do know for sure is that it has a higher chance of appearing if you play on higher difficulties. It can even appear before Alaska if you play on a really high difficulty, but again, no guarantees.

So, that’s the long and short of where to find Rainbow 6 Extraction Tormentors locations. In the image up top, you can see what the creature looks like – basically a demonic version of Groot. Unfortunately, due to the random nature of the game, we can’t really give you any more precise directions. What we can do is briefly explain how to complete the “Stun Still” study. You need to either kill or assist in killing a Tormentor while it’s stunned. How does that work? Well, you can stun it either by using a stun grenade, a Grzmot mine of Ela’s, or a big ole charged bonk from Sledge’s hammer. It’ll take some practice and good team coordination; good luck!

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