Township Redeem Codes, Promo Codes January 2023

Looking for a list of working Township Redeem Codes 2022? You’ve come to the right place! More than ten years since its original release, Township is still one of the most popular casual farming and city-building games on mobile. And just recently, they have added some promo codes to the game. Read on as we explain what they are and how to get them.

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Township Redeem Codes, Promo Codes January 2023
What are Township Promo Codes?

Redeem Township Promo Codes January 2023

Township never before had promo codes in the game, something we today see everywhere around us in both mobile and other games. The game did have Coupons, but that’s not what we’re talking about today. And recently, they have introduced Promo Codes! There are currently no active working codes, but they will be added soon. As explained by developers, this thing with promo codes will start with the next Season Adventure.

When the next Season Adventure kicks off, players will be able to find codes as they play Township. Unlike in some other games, where the codes are shared via outside sources and then used in-game, in Township, you will be able to find these codes inside the game. The developers state that you can find the codes in your Town or inside mines. Also, you will be able to find some while playing various mini-games.

How to Redeem Township Promo Codes

Once the new Season Adventure begins and promo codes start popping out, you will be able to redeem them. In order to do that, follows these instructions:

  • Open Township on your device.
  • Tap the blue button with a white cog below your avatar (top left corner).
  • Tap the green “Enter Promo Code” button at the bottom.
  • Enter a code you wish to redeem.
  • Confirm your entry to claim the rewards.
  • Enjoy your rewards and have fun!
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  1. N
    Nicholas Benita

    I love township game ..I wish to beat ENI someday

  2. A

    Do the codes work just for that one player?? Or can you share them with our co-op?? Anyone know?

  3. R
    Rachel L. Fowler

    How do I get promo codes for township

    1. D
      Down Town

      How do I get promo codes for township

  4. A

    where can I find the promo code?

    1. S

      Try promo code CROPS for December

      1. Y

        Der Code kann nur ein mal verwendet werden.

      2. M

        Where can I find promo code

      3. R

        Cannot reuse codes. I tried putting in CROPS & it states that the promo code has already been used. 🙂

      4. S
        Sunil Neupane

        It does not works

  5. Олеся

    У меня не вводится промокод, помогите пожалуйста.

  6. B
    Bee Mimm

    I found this code. Is this my ID # or something else? Q5KMUA
    Does anyone know it was found in the about the game.

    1. J

      That would be your personal code you give others so they can find you

    2. R

      This is your code on Township to send to someone if you want them to join you as a friend. They also give you a co-op tag that you can give someone to enter to join the same co-op your in.

      I would love to add new friends & co-op racers. Please only join the co-op if you want to race & like to win! The co-op tag is #NNNN4P. My I’d is 6TUG8Y, I’m currently at level 161. Hopefully, I’ll talk to you in the game.

  7. E

    I justvtried, it says promo code used. But thanks for the code. Worth a shot.

  8. S
    Sunil Neupane

    It does not works

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