Turn Off Quick Chat in Among Us

Among Us Quick Chat is a new system that the developers have implemented, which bars younger players (and those without an account) from talking freely with other people. Naturally, everyone has immediately started asking how to turn it off. It’s very restricting, which is good for some instances, but it’s way too stringent and makes communication difficult. With all that said, here’s our Turn Off Quick Chat in Among Us guide to make things easier.

turn off quick chat in among us
Turn Off Quick Chat in Among Us

How to Turn Off Among Us Quick Chat

To turn off Quick Chat in Among Us, you have to go into the settings from the main menu, aka title screen. You do that by clicking the gear icon in the bottom. From there, click on Data in the top right, then find the Chat Type option. If it’s set to “Quick Chat Only,” switch it over to “Free or Quick Chat.” If you’ve entered your birthday properly, and you are over thirteen, you’ll now be able to use Free Chat as you please. If you’re under thirteen, or are over but entered the wrong birthday as a joke, you’re stuck with Quick Chat only.

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That’s the only way to turn off Among Us Quick Chat. I know a lot of people are hating on the system, and I completely understand them. However, based on all the creeps I’ve run into in public lobbies, I also get why the developers felt the need to implement a way to protect kids playing Among Us. However, I do hope that they fine-tune the limitations a bit further, since I can see why people would consider the current system too stringent. I have to commend InnerSloth for their vigilance, though.

If you’re having trouble with anything else with the new Among Us update, we have a couple of other guides that you can check out. Things are a little hectic with the new content, so I can see people getting lost. We’ve written articles like Vault Task Among Us – Unlock Airship Safe, Change Account Name, and How to Sign In – Google Auth No Token, so give them a look-see.

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  1. H

    Mine says Quick chat only, and is not interactive. I can’t change it, why is this?

    1. F

      its a bug they’re supposed to be fixing mine is the same on PC but it works fine on phone.

      1. K

        No, I went to check out the new map on my phone today and I only have the quick chat option despite being 19

    2. J
      John Doe

      You need to click on Account > Sign In> Create Account. Once you do that, you can change to Free Chat in the Settings > Data.

      1. E

        Y’all this is the one!! Do this!

    3. P

      I’m having the same problem! It says Quick Chat and it’s not a clickable option. I’ve been playing for the past few days and I’ve only ran into two different people that have said anything that wasn’t on the quick chat menu.

    4. P

      Make sure your birthday is over 13. Also, you need to make an Among Us account. Go to homescreen of Among Us where it says “Online, Freeplay, etc”, and press account at the left. Then, press sign in, and make one.

    5. C

      same. i don’t know why this is, but it is set at “quick chat only” and the lettering is in gray. i can’t change it, but the only reason i can think of is probably bc you may be under 13.

  2. M

    I have the same issue as HELP NEEDED. It cant change it. It is gray and when I click on it, its not changing.

  3. M

    Mine is also stuck on quick chat and it is grayed out to it in the options menu. I noticed everyone I play can only use quick chat now.

  4. S
    Sign in to Google Play

    For those whose box is gray, you need to sign in. It seems like you are, but hit “account” in the top left and sign in to Google Play Games (or whatever your phone uses). Then you can change this setting!:)

    1. N

      the game won’t let me sign in

    2. A

      Yes, but that’s also not working. Part of the bug is that Google accounts can’t sign in ..

    3. M

      But what if you’re on a computer playing

  5. C

    okay okay what?? im so confused. i said that i was born in 2005, im 15, and its still giving me quick chat…this is so annoying

    1. A

      I have 14 and I have quick chat only ???

  6. C

    I’m 15… But why it’s giving me quick chat…???

  7. B

    Omg I have my age right and everything! Why can’t I get out of quick chat!!! I’m 15 and born in 2005!!! This is ridiculous!!!!

  8. M

    I think that among us developers should separate people by age so if your a certain age you go to a certain lobby.
    Also among us added a new update every one has to use quick chat

  9. H
    Heicel Joy Martirez

    I can’t touch the message in Data,I want to change because its for quick chat but I can’t remove it,can you solve my problem?Please!Over a thousand years,I hate some apps because this is my favorite but now I can’t manage again?

  10. S

    I cannot type in quick chat at all. Seems like it’s disable and I cannot fix it, people are always sussing me because I cannot respond

  11. I
    i am not going to tell

    ME TOO

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