How to Unlock MissingNo in Vampire Survivors Explained

In our How to Unlock MissingNo in Vampire Survivors Explained guide, we’re going to walk you through the whole process. It does not work like it used to; you can’t just get it by beating Death. You have to dive deep into the game’s files, which can seriously mess with your game if you get it wrong. So, do not attempt any of this if you’re not 100% sure you know what you’re doing. Here we go.

how to unlock missingno in vampire survivors explained
How to Unlock MissingNo in Vampire Survivors Explained

How to Unlock Vampire Survivors MissingNo

To unlock MissingNo in Vampire Survivors, you need to mess with the game’s files. More on that in a bit. It used to be that all you needed to do was kill Death at the climax of the run. However, that is no longer the case; this is now how you unlock the character called Red Death. In fact, Red Death has replaced MissingNo in everyone’s character selection menu. From everything I’ve seen, I don’t think MissingNo was not meant to be a playable character just yet. Maybe in a future update; the game is still very young, after all, but not now. Sure, you can mess around with the files, but that is pretty risky, in the sense it can completely ruin your save file. I cannot stress this enough; we strongly recommend you do not alter the files just to play as a random character.

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If you still want to know how to unlock MissingNo in Vampire Survivors, despite all of our warnings, here’s what you need to do. Right-click the game in your Steam library, click Properties, then select Local Files in the new window. Click Browse to open a folder with the game’s files. Go into Resources, then app, webpack, and lastly into renderer. Make a backup of SaveDataBackup.sav, then open it in Notepad++ or whichever text editor you prefer. Search for BoughtCharacters and add ,”FINO” at the end of the list. Next, search for UnlockedCharacters and do the same. Now go to the end of the text and delete the sequence after checksum so that it now reads “checksum”:””.

Press Ctrl+A to select the whole text and copy it, then go to this website. Paste the text into the input field, then copy the results from the output field. Paste the result between the now empty quotation marks after checksum, then save the file. Open the game, select Options, then Restore Backup, and Confirm. The game will restart, and you should have MissingNo available in the character selection.

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