Update Among Us on Android, iPhone, Steam

Among Us on Android, iPhone (and iPad) and Steam all have different ways of updating the app to its most current version. They’re all similar, all things considered, but still different enough to cause some confusion. Not to mention that some of the versions have several different options to update Among Us. These can get confusing, especially for younger players. So, in our Update Among Us on Android, iPhone, Steam guide, we’ll show you exactly what you need to do. As a little bonus, we’ll also explain how to get into the Among Us beta on Steam.

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update among us on android iphone steam
Update Among Us on Android, iPhone, Steam

How to Update Among Us on Android

To update Among Us on Android, there are two methods that you can follow. The first and simplest is via the Play Store. Open the app, and hit the Menu icon in the top left (aka the “lines” icon). Tap “My apps & games.” This will show you a list of apps that have updates out. Tap the “Update” icon next to Among Us (or Update All, if you want), and wait for the download to finish.

The second method is more complicated. On your phone, click this link. It provides trusted .apk files for Among Us. Find the most recent one, and tap the arrow icon on the right, then “Download APK.” It’ll open a new window, don’t worry about that, it’s supposed to happen. When the download is finished, tap Open File or find it in your Downloads. Tap install, and wait for it to finish. When it does, tap “Done.” That’s it. Just be careful about the files you download anywhere on the internet.

Among Us on iPhone – How to Update

To update Among Us on iPhone, if you’ve turned off automatic updates for some reason, the first step is to open the App Store. Tap on your profile icon in the top left corner. Scroll down to the Available Updates section. If Among Us has an update out on iOS, it’ll appear in the list. Tap the Update button next to the game’s icon, and it’ll start the process. Wait for it to finish, and when it does, feel free to play whenever you want. Of course, you can use this same system to get Among Us up to date on your iPad, as well. Simple stuff, really.

Update Among Us on Steam

The easiest way to update Among Us on Steam is to have automatic updates turned on. If you don’t, that’s fine, there are two easy ways you can “fix” things manually. The first way is to go into the library and click on Among Us. If there’s new content out, the green Play button will turn into a blue Update one. Click that button, and you’re done.

The second method is to right-click on Among Us in the Library, and select Properties. Click on the Local Files app, then on “Verify integrity of game files.” This will make Steam check on your game files and, in the process, figure out if the version you have is outdated. If it is, that’ll jump-start the update. Just wait for it to finish, and boom, you’re done!

How to Get Among Us Beta on Steam?

To get the Among Us beta on Steam, find the game in your Library and right-click on it. Select Properties, and find the Betas tab in the window that pops up. Open the drop-down menu and check “public-beta.” This will add [public-beta] next to the game’s name, and the update will start downloading automatically. You’ll keep getting the beta content whenever the developers release it until you uncheck the public-beta option.

So, that’s how you get the Amoung Us beta on Steam. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to do so on Android and iPhone. I might be wrong about that, though. If I am, let us know in the comments below. Just keep things civil down there, alright, lads? Thanks.

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    I can’t update it yet but I might soon on iOS iPad

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    Among us only does in app updates on iPhone you cannot update this way.

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    How do i update because it keeps saying *needs update*

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      Ya i dont have any pets or skin i want to update among us so i can get the hats so my friends think im cool

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        I have an ipod touch and it won’t let me play among us because I need to update among us but I can’t update it because I need to update my ipod but my ipod doesn’t have a new update. I don’t know how to update to a version I don’t have an update for…

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      It sys i need to update to ios 13 can i do that on an iphone 6 plus

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    How do I update among us

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      How do I update amoung us

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    How can I have a blank name in among us and how do I update it to 2021

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    I now how to update you go to you’re play store type among us in the search, then go into among us and it will have a button at the top that says update if you’re on android

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    I cant update my ios more than 12.5
    how can i update my among us to new version
    app store did n’t let me to update my among us because of IOS12
    please show a way that i can play among us on my iphone

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