How to Upgrade Klaus Mauer Der Toten COD Zombies

Klaus in COD Zombies Mauer der Toten is an NPC that helps you kill zombies, and people want to know how to upgrade him. While Klaus is very useful in his base form, he can be much, much better. The only problem is that the process is fairly complicated, and it’ll send you all across the map. That’s why we’ve put together our How to Upgrade Klaus Mauer Der Toten COD Zombies guide to help you on this journey.

how to upgrade klaus mauer der toten cod zombies
How to Upgrade Klaus Mauer Der Toten COD Zombies

How to Upgrade Klaus in Mauer der Toten

To upgrade Klaus in Mauer Der Toten COD Zombies, the first step after building Klaus is to ping him in front of the locker in the Switch Control Room, next to the big hole in the wall. Wait for him to bash it open and then collect the blacklight flashlight. Next, go to the guard towers near the Pack-a-Punches and dig around the trash piles until you get the satellite dish (turn on power and Pack-a-Punch first). Go into the Garment Factory and place the dish onto the upgrade station, aka the machine under the colorful graffiti.

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Next up, summon Klaus in a big, open area and let him kill around 25-30 Zombies. It’ll take a while, but it’s what has to happen. After that’s over, go back to the upgrade station in the Garment Factory and ping Klaus in front of it. He’ll step inside, after which you’ll have to defend him for a minute. When the minute is up, the upgrade technically done, but not completely over.

How to Fully Upgrade Klaus in COD Zombies

To fully upgrade Klaus in Mauer Der Toten COD Zombies, you need to find two floppy disks. These can spawn in six different locations, in black boxes on the walls. You have to use the blacklight you got earlier (Up on d-pad, 5 on keyboard) to figure out which box has a floppy disk. If it has Klaus’s face next to it, there’s a disk inside. Ping Klaus in front of the box and he’ll punch them open. Below, we’ll list the six potential floppy disk locations.

  • On the wall in the Maintenance Tunnel
  • West Berlin Street, under the light in front of Cafe Muller
  • In Ghost Station, near the tracks through the Service Passage
  • Under a light in the Blasted Suite
  • On the wall in the Hotel Lounge.
  • 5th Floor Apartments, on a wall next to a bookshelf

When you have the two floppy disks, put Klaus back into the upgrade station and place a disk in it. After a bit, Klaus will come out dressed as a goth. Do the process over again, and he’ll come out as a punk rocker. As far as I understand it, these changes are only cosmetic, but hey, he looks much cooler in either of these two outfits.

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