How to Use and Throw Grenades in Starfield

If you can’t figure out how to use and throw grenades in Starfield, I don’t blame you one bit. Like so many other systems in the game, it’s not exactly clear how it’s supposed to work. There are a few minor hoops that you have to jump through before you can actually use a grenade. And even once you have that figured out, if you don’t have a specific skill, you don’t get to see the arc of the grenade. It’s a mess, is what I’m saying. That’s why we’ve decided to write this guide, in which we will explain how to equip a grenade and much more. Let’s begin.

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how to use and throw grenades in starfield
How to Use and Throw Grenades in Starfield

How to Use Grenades in Starfield

To use and throw grenades in Starfield, you first have to know how to equip grenades. The first step in that is to open your inventory (“I” on keyboard, menu button and then selecting Inventory on controller) and scroll down into the “Throwables” part. From there, highlight the item you want to equip and hit A on the controller or left-click if you’re playing on mouse and keyboard. A little triangle should appear, confirming that you have them equipped. Once that’s done, you can chuck the grenade by pressing LB on the controller or “G” on the keyboard.

You can speed the process up by adding your throwable of preference to the weapon wheel by favoriting them. To do that, highlight it and press Y on the controller or “B” on the keyboard. For more detailed info, check out our Starfield Switch Weapons, Weapon Wheel Quick Change guide.

How to Throw Grenades in Starfield

To actually throw grenades in Starfield, as we’ve said above, you need to press LB on the controller or “G” on the keyboard once you have them equipped. If you’ve added them to the weapon wheel, press the appropriate direction on the d-pad or “Q” or 1-9 on the keyboard, whatever works best for you. The wheel slows time down, so it’ll help you make an easier decision of where to throw an explosive or place a mine. It’s always useful to take a breather during combat and assess your situation.

Now, what you’ll notice immediately is that the game doesn’t show you the arc of the grenade, meaning that you’ll have no idea where you’re throwing the thing. In order to get that, you have to unlock the Demolitions skill under Combat. It has four ranks, and here’s what each of them does.

  • Rank One – Throwing grenades now shows a trajectory arc; explosions have a twenty-five percent larger radius.
  • Rank Two – Explosives now do twenty-five percent more damage.
  • Rank Three – Reduces damage you take from explosives by twenty-five percent.
  • Rank Four – All previous bonuses double.
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