V Rising Best Base Locations

As every survival game fan knows, the decision of where to build your base is one of the most important choices you will need to make. Do you build it in close proximity to resources, somewhere that’s easy to defend, or maybe purposefully in a high-level area of the map? All of those things and more, everything needs to factor in that decision. Of course, V Rising is no different in this regard. If you have spent a lot of time pondering where to make your base, our guide is here to list out the best base locations in V Rising.

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V Rising Best Base Locations

V Rising Best Starter Base Build Locations

When looking at the map, you will be able to tell where the places where you can build a base are thanks to a sort of little ramp there. There are many places where you can make your base, so let’s start with, appropriately, the starter zone. Since you will be starting here, you are going to be very familiar with this area. However, that’s about the only positive here, as you will be very far away from much-needed resources.

Next, the Silverlight Hills. This area is located to the far west of the map. It’s the best place to mine silver – an important resource, especially in the end-game. Its downside is that it isn’t really suitable for starter characters, as you will need a deep understanding of the game if you want to survive there. On to the Cursed Forest. Located to the very northeast of the map, if you put your base here, you will have all the iron you want. However, you will also need silver, and with Silverlight Hills all the way on the other end of the map, you will have to make a big trek there and back.

Finally, the central area of Dunley Farmlands. Due to its location, this is by far the best spot to make your base. With the Silverlight Hills and Cursed Forest nearby, you will have an easy way to access and farm both silver and iron. Additionally, this area is rich in quartz, cotton, and iron, and you can also farm glass, Mourning Lilly, and scrolls from the Monastery there.

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