V Rising Servants, How to Get & Use Servants

In V Rising, you take on the role of a recently awakened vampire. After rising, you won’t be at peak power for a long time. This will force you to be very careful about feeding, combat, and avoiding the Sun. In short, all of your efforts will be towards surviving. And, as you get more powerful, you will want to expand your vampiric grasp. For that, you will need servants. Because, like every vampire story fan knows – a vampire must have human slaves that have been compelled by their undying will to do their every bidding. In this guide, we are going to show you how to get and use servants in V Rising.

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V Rising Servants, How to Get & Use Servants

How to Get Servants in V Rising

To be able to do this, you will need to follow the tutorial questline. At a certain point, you will get the task to build the Servant Coffin. For this, you will need the following materials: x16 Planks, x8 Copper Bars, and x1 Greater Blood Essence. To craft this last component, you will need an Unsullied Heart. After that, you will then gain the Dominating Presence ability. This is your standard Vampire hypnosis, and the way that you will get servants in V Rising. So find a suitable human (meaning – no bosses or other such elite opponents) and dominate its will. Then escort it back to your castle and put it in its coffin. A fully upgraded Castle can hold up to nine coffins.

How to Use Servants in V Rising

To use your servants directly, you will need to build a Castle Throne. And for that, the following materials are required: x24 Stone Bricks, x16 Iron Ingots, and x4 Greater Blood Essence. Once you have the Throne built, you can then use it to give orders to your servants. You can outfit them and then send them out on various missions. Be careful, though, since they can die while doing this.

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