V Rising Merchant, How to Trade & Where to Find Merchants

Figuring out how to trade and where to find merchant locations in V Rising can be very important. They’re a good source of all kinds of items, some of which can be quite useful. However, there are several hoops you have to jump through before you can trade with human vendors, and that’s assuming you know where they are in the first place. Well, we’re going to be covering both points in this guide.

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v rising merchant how to trade & where to find merchants
V Rising Merchant, How to Trade & Where to Find Merchants

How to Trade in V Rising

To trade in V Rising, you need to figure out where to find a merchant. We’ll cover that in more detail in the next section. More importantly, you have to meet certain requirements before the vendors will even talk to you. Namely, you need to revert back to your human form. To do that, you need to get that power by defeating Beatrice the Tailor. You’ll also have to have a fair amount of Silver Coins at your disposal, since some of the cheapest items we’ve seen cost 200 of those. We cover all of that in more detail in our How to Use Silver Coins guide, as well as in our video on the same topic. The Silver Coins are fairly tricky, since they give you Silver Sickness, which is never fun.

Where to Find Merchants in V Rising

There are several places where you can find merchant locations in V Rising. Some of them have fixed locations, while other patrol specific roads. One of the vendors we’ve discovered was Gavyn the Shady Dealer, who is in the south of Farbane Woods. We’ll show you exactly where we’ve found him in the screenshots below. Another merchant is Ottar, and he lives in a house in Silverlight Hills in Brighthaven Slums. Then, there’s Berk The Traveling Trader, walking around near Dawnbreak Village in Dunley Farmlands. All of them sell different stuff, including valuable resources and consumables, cosmetic items, etc. Feel free to share other merchant locations you might have found in the comments. Just keep in mind that they will attack on sight if you’re not disguised as a human.

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