Valorant Iso Nationality, Where is Iso From?

Valorant, the hit hero shooter from developer Riot Games, is an ever-evolving title. It owes much of its success to new characters (called Agents) regularly being added. This keeps the game feeling fresh and exciting. And the latest such character to arrive is Agent #24, known as Iso. Revealed in a recent trailer, the mysterious Iso has already piqued player interest, with many wondering what is Valorant Iso’s nationality and where is Iso from. Here’s everything that we currently know about Iso and his country of origin.

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Valorant Iso Nationality, Where is Iso From
Valorant Iso Nationality, Where is Iso From?

Valorant Where is Iso From?

As for what country is Iso from Valorant, According to the devs themselves, Iso is from China. To further illustrate that point, we can clearly hear him speaking Chinese in the animated trailer. And while we don’t know if China is his permanent residence, or if he is a globe-trotting assassin, the fact remains that his nationality is Chinese. As Valorant is set to release in China soon, Iso makes for a fitting and excellent addition to the Agent cast. Also known as The Dead Lilac, Iso fills the Duelist role in Valorant. This means that he is as lethal as the trailer depicts him.

Valorant Iso Voice Actor

Currently, we do not yet know who is Iso’s voice actor. But we are going to update this article as soon as that information becomes available. If you are interested in learning more about Iso, we have also written several other articles about him. The first one is Valorant Iso Abilities Explained, in which we go into great detail concerning Iso’s abilities and how they work. And if you want to know when you’ll be able to play this new Agent, we also have the Valorant Iso Release Date guide. All in all, Iso looks like a great new character, one we can’t wait to try out in Valorant soon.

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