Valorant Snowfall Bundle, Snowfall Wand, Skins, Price

The Valorant Snowfall bundle, Wand, Phantom, Classic, Ares, and Judge skins and price have been announced. So, if you want to get some guns that bring the holiday cheer along with the death, you can start putting the VP aside right now. In our Valorant Snowfall Bundle, Snowfall Wand, Skins, Price guide, we’ll show you how much these cosmetics will cost, both individually and if you get them all at once.

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valorant snowfall bundle snowfall wand skins price
Valorant Snowfall Bundle, Snowfall Wand, Skins, Price

Valorant Snowfall Wand, Phantom, Classic, Ares, Judge Skins & Price

The Valorant Snowfall bundle and prices for the Wand, Phantom, Classic, Ares, and Judge skins have been announced, as we’ve said. Before we get into that, though, there is one thing that we have to mention right away – these look so much better than the Winterwunderland skins from last year. Those basically turned your guns into a green screen with a wintry landscape projected onto it. It looked… weird. These new skins, however, make your weapons actually look like gun-shaped snow globes. Sure, the concept is ridiculous, but it’s ridiculous in the best possible way. Special props for the shotgun magazines having their own, separate snow globe sections.

So, with that said, what is the price of the Valorant Snowfall Bundle, Wand, Phantom, Classic, Ares, and Judge skins? Well, the Snowfall cosmetics fall under the Deluxe Tier, meaning that the individual gun skins will cost 1275 VP, while the wand will set you back 2,550 VP. The Gun Buddy will cost 475 VP. If, on the other hand, you want to get the whole set, you’ll need to set aside 5100 VP. And those are the prices of this year’s cosmetics. Nothing really new or unexpected there; however, if you want to celebrate the winter holidays with appropriately themed guns, then the Snowfall ones are definitely the way to go.

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