Vault of the Incarnates Raid Unlock Schedule WoW Dragonflight

Vault of the Incarnates is the first new raid introduced in the Dragonflight expansion for World of Warcraft. It features eight new boss encounters, divided into three wings. This guide provides the Vault of the Incarnates raid release schedule for every wing and boss.

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Vault of the Incarnates Raid Unlock Schedule WoW Dragonflight
WoW Dragonflight Vault of the Incarnates Raid Release Schedule

WoW Dragonflight Vault of the Incarnates Raid Wings Unlock Schedule

The expansion’s antagonist, Raszageth the Storm-Eater, has “breached the Titan prison used to hold the Incarnates for millennia”. There, she and her Primalists plan on conducting an ancient ritual. She wants to set her sibling free from Titan’s imprisonment. As always, it is up to you, brave adventurers, to stop her. And you will do that by successfully completing this very first raid in Dragonflight.

The Vault of the Incarnates raid features eight bosses separated into three wings, which will gradually unlock over the course of the next few weeks. This is a level 70 raid, and it requires Raid Finder Minimum Item Level 359. There will be standard difficulties: Raid Finder, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. Completing the raid and its bosses on each difficulty will earn you many new achievements. Check out all new achievements here.

You’ll face eight bosses in Vault of the Incarnates: Eranog, Terros, The Primal Council, Sennarth, Dathea, Kurog Grimtotem, Broodkeeper Diurna, and Raszageth herself. Thus, without further ado, here’s the complete Vault of the Incarnates release schedule for every wing and boss in the raid:

  • December 12 (8 am PT / 4 am CET) — Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties.
  • Week of December 19 — Raid Finder Wing 1: The Primal Bulwark (Eranog, Dathea Ascended, The Primal Council) becomes available.
  • Week of January 2—Raid Finder Wing 2: Caverns of Infusion (Kurog Grimtotem, Sennareth the Cold Breath, Terros) becomes available.
  • January 16 — Raid Finder Wing 3: Fury of the storm (Broodkeeper Diurna, Raszageth The Storm-Eater) becomes available.

All Bosses in Vault of the Incarnates Raid

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