Valheim Deathsquitos Tips

Deathsquitos are one of the enemies in Valheim. They appear in the Plains biome, and are among the most annoying enemies you’ll encounter. If you’re here, that probably means you’ve already tried dealing with them on your own and it didn’t work out – you’re not alone. It this guide, we’re going to share some Valheim deathsquitos tips & tricks, to help you deal with the giant mosquitos.

valheim deathsquito tips
Valheim Deathsquitos Tips

How to defeat Deathsquitos – tips & tricks

First of all, make sure you’re not early. If you want to be able to stand your ground against deathsquitos, you shouldn’t enter the plains before you’ve cleared the swamps and mountains. If you haven’t skipped any biome, here are some things to keep in mind when fighting mosquitos:

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  • Never, ever attract more than one at a time. Even when you know how to deal with them, a group is all but impossible to take out.
  • Make sure you’ve eaten something that increases your health – sausages, cooked meat, a stew of some kind.
  • Your best bet is to block their attacks. You don’t have to parry – simply raise your shield and block their attack, then hit them.
  • You can try using a bow too, but a shield and club combo is really the best choice here.
  • If you want to snipe them, make sure to sneak around, never run, and turn up your volume so you can hear them approach.

They’re a great source of needles, which you can use to make some great arrows. However, most people who have trouble with them are trying to cross some plains in order to reach a swamp or mountain. If that’s your case, it’s better to take a boat or raft and find a different location altogether. If the next biome you’re supposed to progress into isn’t the plains, your best bet is to avoid them at all cost.

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