Warzone Season 4 Reloaded Release Date & Time

The Warzone Season 4 Reloaded release date and time are coming close, and if you want to know when you can start playing the new content, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we are going to show you when the Warzone Pacific Season 4 mid-season update is going to come out and what you can expect from it. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

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warzone season 4 reloaded release date & time
Warzone Season 4 Reloaded Release Date & Time

When is Warzone Pacific Season 4 Reloaded?

The release date and time of CoD Warzone Season 4 Reloaded is Wednesday, July 27th, 2022 at 09 AM PST / 12 PM EST / 5 PM BST / 6 PM CEST, which translates to 2 AM on the 28th AEST. In other words, much like Season 3 Reloaded, this update comes midway through the fourth season of Warzone. By the way, this info comes from the official blog post that details what you’ll be seeing in the mid-season updates in both Vanguard and Warzone, since those two games are kinda like conjoined twins. There will be a lot to sink your teeth into, including new bundles, maps, characters, weapons, and much more. And, yes, even the T-800 and the T-1000 from the Terminator franchise will be entering the arena.

And there you have it, that’s when the Warzone Pacific Season 4 Reloaded update release date and time is going to be. In other words, we’re just about a day away from it at time of writing. If you want to know what to expect from the update, you can check out the link we’ve provided above. Obviously, the most interesting part are probably the two Terminator bundles, named Tracer Pack: Terminator T-800 Mastercraft Ultra Operator Bundle and Tracer Pack: Terminator T-1000 Mastercraft Ultra Operator Bundle. Both of them feature their respective skins, but also finishing moves, weapon blueprints (including legendary weapons), Charms, Emblems, and more. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to turn into a puddle of liquid metal.

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