M16 Rifle in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises

Is the M16 Rifle in the GTA Online Criminal Enterprises DLC? The big summer expansion for GTA V Online has just dropped and fans are diving deep into the new content. One of the things fans were the most excited about was the Service Carbine, which is a type of M16 rifle. This particular gun was spotted in the teaser trailer for the new expansion, The Criminal Enterprises. However, the update is live, and many players are having problems finding the new weapon. So, can you get the M16 Rifle in the Criminal Enterprises DLC, or the Service Carbine rifle is not actually yet in the game? Let’s find out.

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M16 Rifle in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises
How to Unlock the M16 Rifle in GTA Online?

Can You Get M16 Rifle in Gta Online Criminal Enterprises

Update: Several reliable dataminers have confirmed that the M16 rifle can be found in the game files. However, the weapon is not yet in the live version of the game. Thus, we expect it to be added sometime later this summer. The new M16 “Service Carbine” can be unlocked by collecting 5 collectables, including barrel, mag, receiver, sights and scope which can be found randomly at spawning Crime Scenes locations.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Criminal Enterprises summer 2022 expansion in GTA Online is now live! There is plenty of new content to dive into, from fancy new cars to deadly new weapons. However, there seems to be one big confusion over one specific gun – the elusive Service Carbine. To the delight of fans, the M16 was spotted in the trailer. Naturally, this led many fans to believe that the weapon is a part of the summer DLC.

However, for now, it all leads to the conclusion that the M16 rifle is not yet added to the game, despite it being promoted in the trailer. If you check the official patch notes, you will notice that the Service Carbine/M16 is not mentioned anywhere. Right now, there are some rumours and alleged maps, claiming that we need to find five parts in random locations. Allegedly, if you find these parts you will unlock the M16. However, we’ve tested these claims, and based on our experience they are false.

Thus, for now, it’s safe to say that the Service Carbine is not yet available in GTA Online The Criminal Enterprises DLC. Maybe someone will discover a way to get the M16, or maybe it will be a part of the future update later this summer. Whatever the case will be, we will make sure to update the article when we have more info.

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    Sarah Kelley

    It’s Another Mistake I See In GTA online The Service Carbine M16 rifle Was Supposed to be Released The Day Of The New DLC For GTA online But Instead of 2 New Weapons Players Only Got One Weapon The precision Sniper rifle Which Has Know Scope But Shoots Well For A Sniper I’m Hoping That Rockstar Give Players A Update When The New M16 Carbine Rifle Will Be Released And Available For Purchase In The Game Of GTA online Right Now I See That The Weapon Is Not Available At This Time And The Mission to Find All 10 Parts Etc Or Whatever you Need to Unlock the M16 Carbine Rifle Are Not Available At This Time In GTA online For The Playstation 4 And 5 And Xbox But Hoping That It Be Available Soon

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