Zelda Link's Awakening Bananas Location - How to Enter Kanalet Castle

To enter Kanalet Castle in Zelda Links Awakening, you have to figure out the location of the bananas, which you have to give to the monkey, in order for it to build you a bridge. To do that, though, there are several hoops you have to jump through in order to get the bananas, which include a Yoshi Doll, a ribbon, canned food, and more. In order to help you out, here’s our Zelda Link’s Awakening Bananas Location – How to Enter Kanalet Castle guide.

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Zelda Link's Awakening Bananas Location - How to Enter Kanalet Castle
Zelda Link’s Awakening Bananas Location – How to Enter Kanalet Castle

How to Get Bananas for Kanalet Castle Monkey in Zelda Link’s Awakening?

To get bananas for the monkey in Kanalet Castle in Zelda Link’s Awakening, you will have to go through a whole bunch of steps. You see, you have to get bananas from the alligator that lives in a shack on Toronbo Shore. But the alligator wants dog food, which you get from a chain chomp that’s in a dog house in Mabe Village. Ah, but the chain chomp wants a ribbon, first. You get the ribbon from the family that lives in the green-roofed house in the north of Mabe Village. They, of course won’ just give you the ribbon for nothing, they want a Yoshi Doll for their kid. You get the Yoshi Doll from the Trendy Trade game in Mabe Village.

You got all that? Well, don’t worry, we’re gonna go step by step. But before that, once you get the bananas, what you have to do is go and talk to the monkey in front of Kanalet Castle. When you do, a whole bunch of monkeys are gonna come out of the woodwork and build a bridge. This will let you continue with the game. And now, let’s go through the sequence again, nice and slow.

How to Get Yoshi Doll in Link’s Awakening?

To get the Yoshi Doll in Link’s Awakening, go play the Trendy Game, or Trade Game, as some call it. It’s in the lower right corner of Mabe Village. The house you’re looking for has blue-and-pink roof tiles. Now, the Trendy Game is just the classic claw game, except you can actually win something here. You might need a few goes, but you’ll get it eventually. Make sure you aim the circle of light from the call as directly on the doll as you can.Just keep in mind that each go is ten rupees.

Link’s Awakening Chain Chomp Ribbon Location – Where to Find?

To find the ribbon in Zelda Link’s Awakening, we’re staying in Mabe Village. Go to the north of the village. There, you’ll find a large house with a green roof and two entrances. Go inside, and talk with the mother of the family. She will ask you to give her the Yoshi Doll for her kid. In return, you’ll get the ribbon.

Dog Food Location – How to Get for Alligator in Zelda Link’s Awakening?

To get the dog food for the alligator in Link’s Awakening, you’ll have to go southwest from the previous location. You’re looking for the house with the dark-red roof, with a chain chomp tied in front. Go inside the dog house on the right, and talk to the chain chomp that’s chilling in there. Have a chat with it, and give it a ribbon. Doesn’t it look adorable? Anyway, take the dog food from the chain chomp. We’re almost there.

Bananas Location in Link’s Awakening – Where to Find for Monkey in Kanalet Castle?

To find the bananas for the Kanalet Castle monkey, once you finally get the dog food, walk down south to Toronbo Shore using the path on the southwest of the village. When you do, turn and go east. Soon, you’ll come across a shack with a blue roof. Inside, you’ll find a blue alligator. Chat with it, and hand over the canned food. It’ll give you the bananas. At long last, you can return to the monkey and hand it the bananas.

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    I have the bananas, I’m at Kiki, with Bow Wow, but the monkey just keeps saying he wants to fight! How do I get him to take the banana and build me a bridge?!

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