Zelda Link's Awakening Golden Leaf Locations - Locked Door in Castle

Golden leaves are collectibles in Zelda Link’s Awakening. There are five of them, and you’ll need to find them all in order to get a reward from Richard. They’re in Kanalet Castle, some of them easy to obtain, others well hidden. One is locked behind a strange door which won’t budge no matter what conventional method you try. This guide is going to show you all Zelda Link’s Awakening golden leaf locations, how to open final door in Kanalet Castle.

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zelda link's awakening golden leaf locations
Zelda Link’s Awakening Golden Leaf Locations – Locked Door in Castle

Where to find golden leaves?

After you enter Kanalet Castle through the underground passage, head right. On the right side of the castle, you’ll find a bombardier. He’ll dive in and out of the six holes, throwing bombs at you. When you defeat him, you’ll get the first gold leaf. Go to the left side of the castle after that. You’ll find a crow sitting on a tree. Throw one of the rocks at it – this will provoke the bird. Once you beat it, you’ll get another leaf.

Head into the castle and defeat the knights in the first room. One of them will drop a leaf. Follow the path into the room with the electric slime. Use bombs to break the two cracked statues by the wall – both will free knights, which you need to defeat for the fourth leaf. The last one is on the Kanalet Castle boss – the gold knight with the flail.

How to open locked door in Kanalet Castle pot room?

You’ll see the boss hanging in his room, but as soon as you enter the foyer, the door will close. Bombs won’t open it, nor will swinging your sword. If you look at it more closely, you’ll notice there’s a pot drawn on it. If you explore the room, you’ll notice there are a bunch of pots along the walls. Lift one of them and throw it at the door. This will open it.

zelda link's awakening how to open last door kanalet castle


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