Zelda Link's Awakening Bottle Grotto Nightmare Key Location - Pols Voice, Shrouded Stalfos

Bottle Grotto Nightmare Key in Zelda Link’s Awakening is an item you need to find and collect in the second dungeon to get to the boss, and to do that, you have to solve a puzzle involving an imprisoned Pols Voice and Shrouded Stalfos. Of course, before you do that, you have to figure out where to find the Nightmare Key room in the Bottle Grotto. Then, once you find the correct room, you then have to figure out how to solve the Pols Voice and Shrouded Stalfos puzzle. Well, that’s exactly what our Zelda Link’s Awakening Bottle Grotto Nightmare Key Location – Pols Voice, Shrouded Stalfos guide is gonna help you with.

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Zelda Link's Awakening Bottle Grotto Nightmare Key Location - Pol's Voice, Shrouded Stalfos
Zelda Link’s Awakening Bottle Grotto Nightmare Key Location – Pols Voice, Shrouded Stalfos

Imprisoned Pols Voice, Shrouded Stalfos, Keese – How to Get Nightmare Key in Bottle Grotto Link’s Awakening Second Dungeon?

To get the Nightmare key in Bottle Grotto, the second dungeon in Zelda Link’s Awakening, you have to find your way to a room with three specific enemies: an imprisoned Pols’ Voice (the bunny-like creature), a Shrouded Stalfos (the skellington with the robe that looks like the Grim Reaper), and a Keese (aka a bat). We’ll cover the location of the room in a bit. Anyway, once you enter this room, you’ll have to kill the three creatures in a specific order. If you speak to the Owl Statue in the room to the right of the Hinox miniboss, it’ll tell you the order.

Now, even though you might have picked up the clue from the owl, you might not have known the names of the enemies. Well, now you do, but let’s do this step by step, just in case. Once you enter the room, this is the order you have to kill the enemies in: the Pols Voice (the rabbit), then the Keese (the bat), the Shrouded Stalfos (skeleton). You’ll have to move the blocks in the bottom of the screen around to reach the Pols Voice. Also, you don’t have a weapon that kills them yet. Use one of the pots in the room to knock the cute bun-bun upside the cranium to murder it.

If you mess things up by accident, don’t worry. Leave the room and come back in to reset the enemies. When you obliterate the enemies in the correct order, a chest will appear in the upper right corner. Open it to get the Bottle Grotto Nightmare Key. You can now proceed to the boss room.

Where to Find Second Dungeon Bottle Grotto Nightmare Key in Link’s Awakening?

To find the Nightmare Key in the Link’s Awakening Bottle Grotto, we’re gonna start from the room that Hinox attacks you in. Go through the door in the bottom right, and you’ll be in the Owl Statue Room we’ve discussed above. Make your way to the door in the upper right. You’ll be in a room with three bats and a kind of black whirlpool that sucks you in. From there, go through the door in the top of the screen.

Now, go all the way to the right. The puzzle with the orange and blue blocks here isn’t difficult at all to solve. We can recommend going through the top section. When you reach the far right of the long room, go through the door on the bottom right. You’ll now be in the room with the imprisoned Pols Voice and the Shrouded Stalfos.

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