Zelda Link's Awakening How to Dig - Where to Find Shovel

Shovel is one of the tools in Zelda Link’s Awakening. It’s not essential, but it’s extremely useful. It allows you to dig for buried treasure in certain locations. That treasure can be anything – from a handful of rupees to a coveted secret shell. After the game lets you know there’s an option to dig, you’ll probably wonder how it’s done. This guide will show you how to dig & where to find shovel in Zelda Link’s Awakening.

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zelda link's awakening how to dig where to find shovel
Zelda Link’s Awakening How to Dig – Where to Find Shovel

How to get shovel?

The first time the rescued Bow-Wow finds a place where you can dig, he’ll tell you about it. Try as you might, you won’t get him to dig, and you obviously can’t dig with your bare hands. What’s the solution then? Well, you’ll need a piece of highly specialized equipment called “the shovel”. Luckily, the merchant in Mabe Village has one for sale. His house is the one with a wooden sign above the door, an image of a pot on it. He’ll sell you the Deluxe Shovel for 200 rupees.

zelda link's awakening how to get shovel

How to dig up treasure?

In order to dig up treasure from a suspected burial site, you’ll have to equip the shovel. Open up your inventory and set the tool to X or Y by selecting it and pressing the appropriate button. Leave the inventory screen and stand on top of the tile you want to dig up. Press the button to which you’ve equipped the shovel, and Link will get to work.

Since you won’t have the Bow-Wow to tell you about these as you explore the world, you’ll have to look for other hints. Digging aimlessly will get you nowhere, except maybe into a hole. Even if it seems futile, it’s actually really valuable, as there are some secret seashells that can only be obtained this way.


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