Zelda Link's Awakening How to Get Past Raccoon in Mysterious Woods - Magic Powder

The Raccoon in Mysterious Woods is a character that you have to move in Link’s Awakening that you have to move in order to explore the rest of the area. To do so, you’re gonna have to get magic powder, because the raccoon’s nose is sensitive to dust. In order to do that, though, you’re gonna have to find a specific ingredient, and figure out where to find the magic dust vendor. With all that said, our Zelda Link’s Awakening How to Get Past Raccoon in Mysterious Woods – Magic Powder guide is gonna show you exactly what you need to do.

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Zelda Link's Awakening How to Get Past Raccoon in Mysterious Woods - Magic Powder
Zelda Link’s Awakening How to Get Past Raccoon in Mysterious Woods – Magic Powder

How to Move Raccoon in Mysterious Woods – How to Get Dust in Link’s Awakening?

To get the raccoon in Mysterious Woods in Zelda Link’s Awakening, you’ll have to get your hands on some dust or powder. Specifically, you’re gonna need some Magic Powder. See, if you talk to the raccoon, it’ll tell you that it’s nose is very sensitive to dust and powder. To get the Magic Powder, you’ll have to get a Toadstool in the Mysterious Woods, then take it to the Witch’s Hut in Koholint Prairie. Give her the toadstool, and she’ll give you Magic Powder in return. We’ll cover that in more detail below.

Anyways, once you get the Magic Powder, make your way back to the raccoon. Throw the Powder right in front of the raccoon, and it will start spinning around. After the spinning is over with, well, something pretty interesting is gonna happen. I have no intention of spoiling it here.

How to Get Magic Powder – Link’s Awakening Toadstool Location

To get the Magic Powder, as we’ve discussed above, you’ll have to find the Toadstool. It’s not as hard as it may seem. Let the raccoon teleport you, and look for a hollow tree trunk that you can go inside. If you’re having trouble finding it, check out the map below. Fight your way through the cavern, and you’ll eventually pass through another hollow tree, at the opposite side of the woods. Kill the enemy, and immediately to the left of the tree trunk, you’ll spot the toadstool. Once you pick it, it’s time to go to the Witch’s House.

Witch Hut Location in Link’s Awakening – Where to Find Dust Vendor?

The Witch Hut in Link’s Awakening is all the way to the east, in Koholint Prairie. You can get there pretty easily if you go back to the location that the raccoon teleports you to. Basically, just backtrack through the cavern that you used to get to the toadstool. From there, go all the way north, then east, then to the south. The Witch’s Hut is very prominent on the map. It’s a scary-looking tree adorned with gigantic skulls, for Pete’s sake. Anyway, go inside the hut and give the witch the toadstool, and you get the magic powder. You are now armed to get rid of the raccoon.

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